Zooey Deschanel: Not Every Woman Desires To Have A Child

zooey-deschanel-1492 (1)Photo by eugenio19631

Charming Zooey Deschanel (34) has retro beauty, but her attitude certainly follows the modern era. Recently in an interview for “InStyle” the actress explained that sexist double standards really piss her off.

– It appears that every woman is dying of the desire to have a child? I do not think so. No men is asked such questions. When you go to the store, in every tabloid you see headlines such as “Pregnant and alone”. We’re stuck in the ideal of the 1950s, how women should live. It makes me fiery feminist – explained fiery Zooey.

Indeed, her words are consistent with what we see every day. For a woman who has no husband and a child we immediately conclude that she is a victim of circumstances, the ones who think that she might has her own identity and self-conscious are rare.


Luckily for Zooey, she is not alone in such thinking. Recently, her colleague Cameron Diaz explained that she does not want children, and that is perfectly satisfied with her life. Zooey did not explicitly say that she did not want children, but her attitude shows that at this time there are better things to do.