YG Got Shot 3 Times In A Studio In L.A.

Rapper YG Wordplay MagazinePhoto by robbiegolec

Terrifying scenario like in a movie, the rapper got shot in a studio in Los Angeles 3 times in the hip. This happened on Friday Jun 12. early in the morning. Even though he took three in the hip, they manage to escape and his friends got him to the hospital.

The wounds were not lethal but the rapper did not want to cooperate with the police when they came to the hospital to investigate the crime. The police found blood on the scene and gun shells, but the details are still unknown. The attacker is not found yet and there is no information about who he was.

The rapper YG whose real name is Keenon Dauquan Ray Jackson is doing O.K. now or so Karen Civil is claiming on her twitter account. She used to work with him. TMZ is claiming that there is a video of a crime, and that police department already asked for it, so they should get it in the next few days. So hopefully we will have more information on the event then. This is not the first time that he is involved in the gunshot.


In January this year there was shooting on a scene while he was filming his video, so the police officers closed the set and stopped the filming. He debuted in 2009 with his single Toot it and Boot, and later singed for Def Jam records. Since then he worked with Drake and Jeezy. Hopefully he will be alright and without physical consequences , and for other we should let police and justice to decide.