Yes It’s True! Hilary Duff Is On Tinder

Hilary Duff 45Photo by girlbaby_pina_chocolate

Everyone was pretty amazed when she announced that it is her real profile on Tinder. She said she got hooked on it, and that it is very interesting and new experience for her.

Well, her true words were: “The whole process is wildly addicting.” And why she did it – because she never dated a normie and she wants to give it a try. She spoke with many boys, and she is having her first date with a guy named Tod.

We will see how things will go. Hilary also said that she made profile that states “I wanna do normal stuff” like eating pizza, and that she does not want muscles and attitude but funny and easy going man, however looks are important. “First thing… obviously looks, which sounds super vain but that’s what you go for, natural chemistry,” she says. “Also what they say in their profile has to be funny.


I don’t want to see a shirtless mirror selfie. That’s instantly a left.” This means only one thing, she is way over her last boyfriend Mike Comrie. So is she really tired of all those celebrities, fuss and cameras? Does she really trying to find some normal guy to try a relatively normal life? Or this is just extravagant for her like it would be for normie to date a celebrity? We will see how the date goes and then we will gossip some more.