With Clooney Gone, Here Are Hollywood Bachelors One Less Than 10

The gorgeous Amal Alamuddin bagged the bachelor jackpot of George Clooney last month. With all due credits to the mystical Amal, here are the other 9 from the top 10 list of Hollywood Celebrity bachelors. Put your big girl thing on, because all these men are available.

Leonardo Di Caprio 2012 2 CAR2012 FC6239 CMYKPhoto by emilylongeretta

1. Leonardo Di Caprio, the quintessential bachelor

Leo cannot put a date on it, and he does not seem to be in any hurry either! Although rumors confirm his current engagement with Israeli model Bar Refaeli, the couples never make it much of an official statement.

Obviously, he is still open to date! The charming Leonardo definitely has a very deep choice of films, which says a lot about an actor’s character.

He also has been vocal and active on social causes, clearly showing his caring side. If you seek a charmer with the thinking man aura, you may start looking for Leo’s phone number or email, anything!


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