Why Tom Cruise Did Not Attend His Daughter Wedding Last Month???

Tom Cruise in Ray Ban Goggles HD WallpapersPhoto by hdfinewallpapers

Tom Cruise did not attend at his daughter wedding ceremony last month. Isabella Cruise is his adopted daughter. She got married to Max Parker, who is IT consultant and the ceremony was secret.

It happened on September 18 at The Dorchester Hotel in Central London. Some pictures from the wedding leaked and on them is Isabella with her bridesmaids. She looked very cute in mini white dress and a matching veil.

It is not just Tom Cruise who was absent from the wedding, her mother Nicole Kidman also was not there, nor her brother Connor. It was just a small group of friends. It is possible that she did not wanted the attention she would get with her famous parents. But some people are saying that the reason could be religious. Tom Cruise is member of the Church of Scientology and his daughter Isabella is also a member, active one to be precise, and her new husband is not. So could that be a reason for his absence.


Allegedly Max never even met Tom. However Nicole is apparently very happy for her daughter matrimony. Isabella and Connor are both adopted children of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. They adopted them while they were married. Whatever the reason is we wish to congratulate to a young couple, hopping that they all be family regardless to the differences between them..