Who Should Be In Hall Of Fame Bruce Or Caitlyn?

'Revoke Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Medals' - Thousands Sign Online Petition Against The StarPhoto by nigerianewswatch

If she wants she could change Olympic history again. Only thing she has to do is to ask the comity. Bruce was introduced to Hall of Fame in 1986 for winning the gold medal in 1976. He won it in decathlon. But the thing is that Bruce does not exist anymore.

Caitlyn erased him, when he became she.Spokesman of Olympic comity Patrick Sandusky, gave statement that they are willing to update name in the Hall of fame if Caitlyn ask them to do that. The only thing that she should do is to file official request. The comity would than revisited it and approved it. And then she will definitely erased Bruce from existence.

When Caitlyn was asked would she do it, she said that she is not sure yet. But she has the time to think it over. Even if she makes the request nothing will be done until the 2018. When they plan to open a Olympic museum. The change before that date would be noted only in the official records.


But if you think about it, if she did not changed her name to Caitlyn but instead leaved it Bruce (that could be girls name also) she would not have this kind of issues at all. Truth to be told Caitlyn did not won that gold, Bruce did. So what do you think, should she make change or should she leave things as they are?