What Happened To My Shining Star?

Giants Colts FootballPhoto by coltbronco18

Imagine this scenario: Your big football game is today. Your team is in the playoffs and you only have two losses against you. You head off to school where you and your pals discuss the highlights of your winning season and winning the big championship today. It is at that moment you realize everything is riding on you. Your heart begins to race and your palms sweat. Suddenly the pressure starts to sink in. Everyone is counting on you to lead the team to victory. A few hours later, that start of the big game has arrived. Before you leave the locker room your coach reminds you that you are the star player. The team is expecting you to perform your best. You hear the whistle and everything goes blank. In the end, your team loses game. This situation should sound familiar to you? It was similar to one you witnessed this past Superbowl when Peyton Manning was expected to win the game for the Denver Broncos. Instead, the Seattle Seahawks claimed victory over Manning. Where could it have possibly go wrong?

Let’s go Broncos!

Peyton Manning is probably one of the most known quarterbacks.His record last year speaks for itself. Returning to football after a recent neck injury, to some, it was shaky if he would be able to play as well as he once did. After being booted from the Colts and picked up by the Broncos; Manning showed his worth by leading his team to the conference championship and the Superbowl.

Did Manning forget to show up?

So what happened in February? Like the scenario above, it seems Manning may have been feeling more pressure to perform than ever before. And in the end this pressure may have contributed to many careless mistakes. Manning and the Broncos were favored to win by almost everyone. Pressure to perform well in an activity often can lead an individual to feel anxiety and frustration. And it may have partly been this frustration and anxiety that cost Manning and the Broncos the Superbowl title.


The pressure felt by athletes is unique and demanding. Annually, fans all over the United States come together to watch these men play. However unlike regular celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, football celebrities such as Manning or Brady are placed under enormous stress not only to perform well but to win. One false move can cost a player a career and his reputation.