This Week in Showbiz 50 / 14

Kendall Jenner Dances to Katy Perry for 'Love' Advent CalendarPhoto by Best Fashion Week

What would the review of week in showbiz without beautiful ladies? It just doesn’t make sense to me! Hey, if you think I should write about guy who got eaten by Anaconda, let me be clear – I would if it was Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. This way, sorry but no.

Yahoo says that in 2014, it was all about the butt, and I agree, and when you say booty, who comes first to your mind? Yeah, it’s Kim Kardashian. She definitely brought booties to mainstream. But this week’s review we won’t start with Kim – we’ll start it with her younger sissy Kendall.

Beside she made real mess and confusion walking „almost naked“ on the red carpet this summer, this girl keeps surprising us, positively, of course.

'tis the season 🎅 @thelovemagazine #AdventCalendar

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Kendall is one of the girls who appear in Love’s annual advent calendar, and dances in nothing but lingerie and gets spanked by Santa Claus. Yeah, I know what you mean – she starts to be a real competition to her older sister. Just do it Kendall! Thumbs up! The video is full of top models, including Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge. The rumors that Kendall is the next Victoria’s Secret Angels, tells that the year behind us was a real hit for Kendall Jenner.

When we talk about successful women of 2014, we can’t exclude Beyoncé. She released album on iTunes in December 2013, without any promotional campaigns, this year she surprised us with a short movie – Yours and Mine, sort of celebration of first anniversary of the album. Beyoncé definitely grew up to a real big star, and you’ll get the same feeling after watching the movie.


The one who is still growing, and who just turned 25 yesterday, on iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Stage is Taylor Swift. Happy Birthday and keep on moving Taylor!