This Week in Showbiz 48/14

Beyonce - HauntedPhoto by Screenshot: YouTube
Unlike the last week review, when we wanted to take a break from „Bill Cosby affair“, this time we have no reason to „run“ from the last week most important showbiz news: it was full of beauty ladies.
So let’s start with American Music Awards. At this year’s AMA Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea honored us with their new hit performance: Booty. There are opposed reactions, but hey, who would complain about good looking women performing erotic dance on the stage? Have you even watched the performance? Don’t be conservative – it’s America, and as it seems, curves are not a short therm trend, but are here to stay – I tell you!


Another beautiful lady who made us happy last week is Beyonce, who published 14 videos, but one of them stands out. It’s video for song named „Haunted“ you’ve already had the opportunity to hear in the trailer for the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Why is it different? Because it’s awesome. The 33-year-old singer takes us on a tour through the haunted house, where she meets with a variety of ghostly events. But there is also a lot of sexy lingeries, which were expected, given that we expect to see the same in the mentioned movie.


The last one is Liv Tyler who plays Shan Harris, wife of deeply religious Joe Harris (Patrick Wilson) in the movie “The Ledge”.
In the movie, she works for Gavin Nichols played by Charlie Huna. As it happens, they fall in love, but she’s married, and there starts the hell.
However, Liv made a great come back, and we are honored with several hot scenes where she shows off everything.