This Week in Showbiz 46 / 14

Nicki Minaj - Only
Screenshot: YouTube

Common denominator for week in showbiz behind us might be the word controversy. The winner is Nicki Minaj, whose video “Only” caused a whole bunch of negative comments. Even the ones who don’t care for politics, and who are not experts in history and WWII can clearly recognize what historical period was used as inspiration: Nazi scenery tells everything. But, hey, what’s so surprising – for a long time showbiz world seems like a shocking contest, and the ones who shook us most get the biggest piece of attention cake. So, Nicki Minaj, or her promoters, decided to go one step further – we saw how she twerks, and by my opinion she went in the right direction, but she obviously doesn’t agree with me.

The one who does is Kim Kardashian. Yeah, go Kim, go! But is getting naked controversial when we speak about celebrity like Kim Kardashian ( ok, she did it frontally, too, now but we already saw it all, didn’t we!? )? We’ve again been witnesses that nudity sells everything – I mean, how Papermag would get into every home all around the world. Now we know the answer: naked Kim Kardashian.

I must admit that I admire her sense for money – that woman definitely knows how to monetize everything ( we can argue is that good or bad )!

And for the end, we saved a little of classic controversy – Bryan Ferry. His new video “Loop De Li” is marked as disturbing. But hey, that’s Bryan Ferry, it is disturbing, but in Ferry’s old manner – it’s artistic, and I must say I missed that “roxy” atmosphere all those years behind us.


Cheers, and have a nice day!