They Can’t Live Without Casinos: Meet Hollywood Stars That Are Addicted To Gambling

Ben Affleck - The TownPhoto by n+s
Addiction does not choose, and the best examples are the major Hollywood faces that are addicted to gambling.

1. Ben Affleck


The new “Batman” Ben Affleck is a frequent guest of casinos in Las Vegas and was formerly engaged in one of the biggest secret poker games ever in which one hand would cost a whopping $ 400,000!
In 2001 the actor was visiting the treatment for addiction to gambling, which didn’t kept him away from the poker table for a long time. There is speculation that Affleck hosted the famous poker evenings in the elite club “Grand Havana Room” in Beverly Hills during 2003 in which many, including him, were losing huge amounts of money. A public secret is that Ben is in just one hand lost a whopping $400,000!