The Playboy Mansion Up For Sale

playboy 065Photo by discojen79

Could this be true? Where will Playboy bunnies live from now on? Reportedly Hugh Hefner put the mansion for the sale and he is asking $200 million for it. Well not him but Playboy Enterprises.

This estate is almost a century old (90 years to be precise) but Playboy Enterprises claims that is still in good condition. On the other hand TMZ reports that their sources think that this is not true, that the condition is far from good and that it is worth around $90 million but only for its fame and history.

And now for the catch in this deal. Whoever decide to buy the property will get a roommate – Hugh Hefner himself. Old Hefner wants the right to stay at the mansion until he dies. He is 89 years old at this time. There was nothing about the bunnies in the report, so we are not sure are they staying as well. Also whoever buys the estate will have permission to move everywhere around it except Hefner’s bedroom. Not even to see it. The house is 22,000 square foot and it is situated on more than 5 acres.


It includes 22 rooms, wine cellar, big pool with waterfall as part of it, a zoo, a gym, outdoor kitchen and many other utilities. The estate is located in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. The mansion will be listed for sale in next few months. Hefner bought it in 1971 for $1 million and since then it became quite popular place of lavish gatherings. You could also see it in many TV shows and movies such as The Apprentice, Sex and the City and The House Bunny.