The Celebs Who Were Once Beautiful: When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

DV710055Photo by alessandromariella
Instead of looking younger and more beautiful, these celebrities looked far worse after plastic surgery than before the surgery. In some cases, operations have caused serious health problems.

1. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling’s plastic surgery seriously jeopardized her health. Silicone implants in her chest caused pain and deformation of the breast, for which the actress later sued the surgeon.
However, it was not a reason for Tori to abandon the artificial embellishment. As some media reported, after failed breast correction, she had several plastic surgeries.

2. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan too fell into the trap of having eternal beauty and youth. She enlarged lips, and then implanted silicone cheek. Many have compared her look with a character in the cartoon as well as the Joker, Batman’s enemy.


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