The Blacklist Of 9 Most Famous Cheater Husbands

From former president Bill Clinton to golf sensation Tiger Woods, cheating husbands continue to surprise their wives in the wrong way. They cheat on their wives with such complete indifference that one may draw the lecherous Greek God Zeus into comparisons.

Although this king God had all the power, yet he mostly used them for cheating and abusing the Goddesses who trusted him (including his sister Hera). Here is a list of 9 famous excuses for a husband who just could not keep their thing in the pants.

I'm Tiger WoodsPhoto by Psycrow

1. The innocent faced Tiger Woods

Golfing sensation Tiger Woods literally seals his position as the first husband on the list of most famous cheaters. He is quite a serial cheater, deeply into raw sex fetishes, and ultimately had to go to a rehab for sex addiction treatment!

Beyond that innocent face of the talented golfer, father of two, and husband of a beautiful woman, there apparently lurks a sexual monster.

While he was married with Swedish model Elin Nordegren, the Tiger apparently had affairs with as many as 14 women. Not before long, Elin found all about it, and chased Woods out of his home, quite ironically, swinging a golf club. Apparently, he loves drug fueled threesomes more than he loves his wife!


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