The Biggest Hollywood Breasts: Women Envy Them, Men Adore Them

Christina HendricksPhoto by CÆSAR DĪCAX
Some of these beauties were begging to have large breasts, and some considered their breasts as a nuisance, because they can not defend themselves from the photographers. These Hollywood stars cause the envy of many members of females and draw sighs of men. These are some of the biggest Hollywood breasts.

1. Christina Hendricks

Kristina is a good actress, but what is the first thing you notice about her are definitely her breasts. Here is photograph from the premiere of “I Do not Know How She Does It” in 2012. She blames her breasts as reason she cannot hide from paparazzi.

2. Kelly Brook

Kelly is known for many things, but her breasts thrown into the shade all the rest.


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