Taylor Swift Doesn’t Regret, She Turns Her Hard Moments Into Songs

Taylor Swift 9.jpgPhoto by glennt

24-year-old Taylor Swift grow up in the spotlight, and unlike many of her famous colleagues, she managed to keep the drama in her life at minimum, which was not and easy task.

Of course, she had several big relationships and breakups, but almost every girl went through the same thing at her age.

Sure, she has earned an impressive $55 million during the last year in album sales, lucrative endorsement deals and concert tour profits, but even though people might thing that her life is all sunshine and roses, the singer has opened herself up about some of the hardest moments in her life.

“As much as I would really like to have saved myself heartache, embarrassment or gossip, I also know that my biggest mistakes have turned into my best lessons and sometimes my greatest career triumphs. If my life had been turbulence free, no bumps in the road at all, maybe my music would be more beige.”

– Taylor Swift said in an interview for ASOS magazine’s January 2015 edition.
If she hadn’t several relationships with her famous exes today we would been withheld of songs like “Back to December” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

So, after some breakups with her exes like Harry Styles from One Direction, she was able to turn her pain into songs which become anthems for millions of fans which were in the same situation as Swift was. It is hard to find a person who hasn’t listened to “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” while driving.

Taylor Swift has managed to build up several strong friendships, even though she’s living her whole life in the spotlight. At the end, every girl needs in her life good girlfriends. Swift also admitted that some friends have influenced when it comes to her iconic style.

“When I’m getting dressed, it’s always based on what my friends will think. They are my number one priority and the opinions of girls are more important to me at this point in my life.” – Swift stated.Selena Gomez, Lorde, Sarah Hyland and Karlie Kloss are some of the closest Taylor Swift’s girlfriends.


If you want to become a BBF with Taylor, than you should listen to some advice she has for you: “A lot of celebrities surround themselves with these very chic cling-ons who don’t really have much of a job or a passion. They follow around their celebrity BFF and provide constant affirmation for them and I’m really not interested in that kind of deal,” Taylor said.