Taylor And Calvin On A Romantic Getaway

Taylor Swift confirms her relationship with Calvin HarrisPhoto by newssetup4

Look at the two lovebirds enjoying the tropical paradise and try not to be jealous if you can. If you were wondering what these days Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are doing, here’s the answer: making us hate our life!

Again, Taylor has continued her tradition of publishing photos from her holidays, so she would not allow the paparazzi photographers to get rich selling her precious moments. It’s easier for her this way, she explains. Plus this way she controls by herself what should be published and what should not.

But unlike last year, when she had fun with the sisters from the band HAIM, Taylor this time went on vacation with her boyfriend Calvin Harris. The famous couple fled to a deserted tropical paradise, where as we can see on Taylor’s photos, they are enjoying the sunbeams and crystal clear water. The couple celebrated first anniversary together just few days ago, and during that year both of them spend a lot of time working so this getaway is exactly what they needed.


In the photos they shared they look like very happy and very in love, almost like they posed for romantic postcards, especially on the photo with popped leg kiss. On other photo they wrote TS+AW, and the reason for that is, if you by any chance did not know, Adam Wiles is the real name of Calvin Harris, which is only his stage name. Calvin posted photos on his Instagram account as well. On this photos Taylor looks like real bikini model. Thank you very much, dear Calvin and Taylor. That’s all we needed was this chilly March day.