Sophia Loren Biography

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Sophia Loren was born in Rome on 20 September 1934, but her beauty still captivates the global film and fashion scene. This beautiful Italian woman managed to do things that many considered impossible, succeeded in life and in the end she  preserved the natural beauty of her smile and sincere views on life.

Loren grew up with a muffled cry for a better life during WWII. In the town of Pozzuoli near Naples, she shared the apartment with her sister Maria, her parents, grandmother, grandfather, uncles and aunts – later saying that it was the pace of life that made her  tough and allowed her to grown into a strong and persistent person desirous of success. In childhood, she was considered as not so beautiful little girl, but the ugly duckling grew into a beautiful summer swan – a young fighter who was barely 15 years when she went to Rome with the intention to find the work in the film industry and thus contribute to supporting her family.

She bravely stepped into the world of cameras, casting and costumes with a minor role in the movie “Quo Vadis”, until her career experienced major rise in 1957 when she met producer Carlo Ponti, whom she married on her 23rd birthday. The exalted sense of belonging to the seventh heaven was soon ended by the former law. Sofia and Karl’s marriage was annulled because Karl was married previously and never got the divorce. However, the couple stayed together until 1966 when they finally got married legally.

The beauty, attitude, grace and posture  of lady Sophia Loren charmed many members of the cast she worked with – on the set of the film “Pride and Passion” Cary Grant could not escape the net of Sofia’s seductiveness and asked her to marry him, even though he knew she was in love and in affair with Ponti. Peter Sellers got his eyes set on a nice Italian girl while shooting the comedy “Millionaire”. At very young age Sofia survived a huge loss, she had two miscarriages, but later gave birth to two boys – Carlo Ponti and Edoardo Ponti younger.

When in 1962 she won an Oscar for the Italian war drama “La Ciociara”, she became the first actress in history to receive the prestigious award, that is not from the English-speaking world. In addition to the Oscar, won five Golden Globes – four times for the most popular female star and one for lifetime contribution to film. At 1967 Sofia landed a role in the last film directed by Charlie Chaplin, “The Countess from Hong Kong”.

Many still believe that Sofia remains the ideal of beauty even after exceeding the sixth decade of life.

In 2014th she published her memoirs where she told her life story. Many expected a lot more details that they did  not know, but managed to keep her private life, as she always did, far from everybody.


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