Slurred Speech At The Hollywood Film Awards By Johnny Depp

Johnny DeppPhoto by Cal Holman

On Friday night, at the Hollywood Film Awards event, actor Johnny Depp has shocked his fans and the stars in the audience by barely being able to stand and speak at the stage.

While he was presenting the documentary award for Supermensch: The Legend of Sheap Gordon, the Hollywood movie star gave a speech filled with slurred and expletive language.

„This is the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life.“ – Johnny Depp said when he was at the podium. „I’m not very good at this kind of thing.“ – He added after he mused. The Pirates of the Caribbean star scratched his head and said a few swear words that were censored out by CBS, which was airing the show.

Johnny Depp rambled from the teleprompter when he was planning to give the tribute to Hollywood producer Gordon, who was the subject of the documentary, after he said: „I’m going to read this thing. “I’ve been very, very lucky to have him in my life. He is someone I consider a great friend, an incredibly loyal friend…so you have to watch the film!“ – He stated. “Yeah, there you go. What does that say?” – Depp disorientedly added.

Having said a few more swear words which where censored, 51-year-old actor finished his speech by admitting, „It’s one of those nights.“ Right after he has ended CBS cut him off. Depp’s speech was „very rock n’ roll.“ – Mike Myers said, the comedian who directed the documentary. “I find the whole unprepared, ‘I don’t give a shit, possibly wasted artist persona really, really unexciting.” – Rob Lowe tweeted.

A one year ago, Johnny Depp told to the Rolling Stone that alcohol caused a lot of problems in his life and that because of it he stopped to drink. Depp also stated not to call him an alcoholic. “I just decided that I pretty much got everything I could out of it. I investigated wine and spirits thoroughly, and they certainly investigated me as well, and we found out that we got along beautifully, but maybe too well.”


– Johnny Depp said in 2013, after he revealed that he had been sober for a year and a half. The Rum Diary star, who is engaged to Amber Heard (28), however, didn’t consider himself an alcoholic: “I don’t have the physical need for the drug alcohol. No, it’s more my medication, my self-medication over the years to calm the circus. Once the circus kicks in, the festivities in the brain, it can be ruthless.” Though, Depp did admit that booze “was always a great crutch.”