Slash’s Wife Leaves Him: Aloha … I’m Leaving!

Slash Glastonbury Festival 2010Photo by garystafford.co.uk

As American tabloids write, famous guitarist Slash’s marriage is on shaky legs – Perla, his wife, is “flapped” from Los Angeles, and he already tells everyone they are divorced.

Source close to the couple said the Slash’s wife Perla suddenly went to Hawaii with her two sons and left a message to Slash that they have to solve the problem until the New Year or to divorce.

It remains unclear why the couple had a fight, though they have had numerous break-ups so far, which is nothing unusual after 13 years of marriage. However the source said for TMZ it was different this time though. If anyone remembers 4 years ago, more precisely in 2010, Slash has filed for divorce, but two months later he changed his mind. And if no one has mentioned the word “Divorce”, this could be a very tricky given that Perla is his manager and that she manages all his business.