Sexy Blake Lively In Battle With Sea monsters

The Shallows (2016) Film starring Blake Lively - Official TrailerPhoto by sire_mag

Summer has never looked hotter. Nor more dangerous … There is probably no person who, after seeing the movie “Jaws” safely swam in the sea the next day.

In addition to being a cult horror film and getting a lot of praising from critics in the past, today “Shark” is considered one of the first movies ever to be designated with familiar epithet “blockbuster”.

The film back then earned an impressive $ 260 million (in US only), which today, after calculating inflation, amounts to over $ 1.1 billion which puts this horror classic is the seventh place of most watched films of all time.This summer during your well-deserved vacation be ready to stay in the shallowest shallows, as the company Sony Pictures has prepared a new portion of the sea of ​​horror – “The Shallows”. The first cinema announcement for the upcoming horror film, which is considered to be the “Shark” for a new generation of swimmers, arrived this week!

The main role in the film is played by Blake Lively, probably best known for her role in the popular teen series “Gossip Girl”. Almost the entire film was shot on the beautiful shores of the Lord Hove, placed on a small volcanic island in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, about 600 kilometers east of the coast of Australia. In a tense horror “The Shallows” Blake is portraying Mia, an American surfer who one day decides to surf the remote coastline all alone.


At one point she gets attacked by the great white shark and Mia ends up stranded far from the beach, on the rock. Although the coast that brings rescue is only two hundred meters away, Mia cannot be reach it so easy because around the rock shark is lurking all of the time. The director of the film is Jaume Collet-Serra, which so far presented himself by the horrors “House of Wax” and “Orphan” and the action thriller “Stolen Identity” with Liam Neeson in the leading role. Along with Blake Lively who is present in virtually every scene of the film, the other film stars are Oscar Jaenada and Sedona Legge.