Seventh Woman Claims That She Was Sexually Assaulted By Bill Cosby

Florida Nurse Latest lady to Accuse Bill Cosby of Forced SexPhoto by onlinecoveragenews

Another victim has publicly claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. This woman is seventh in a row with these claims.

However, she also said that Bill Cosby gave her financial help after she was hurt in a car accident, and he helped with her college education, too.

After Therese Serignese (58)has contacted the media, she gave them a long interview in which she said that Bill Cosby assaulted her 38 years ago.

According to Therese, theyoccasionally recounted because she was looking for help from him in the years to come. “The reason I’m coming forward now is that I’m still angry about what he did, and I’m angry that he pretends he didn’t do these things. People know what they do.

He’s gotta have some kind of a conscience and he has to feel some kind of guilt in his heart for what he did. And he owes every one of us a sincere apology.” – Serignese said. In 1976 Serignese was 19, and she and her family were in Las Vegas.

While she was shopping in the gift shop in her hotel, someone approached her “and said: ‘Will you marry me?’ And I turned around to see who it was, and it was Bill Cosby.” – Serignese added. After Bill Cosby’s show ended Serignese said that she was escorted to the backstage in his room.

When she came there he gave her two white pills and she took them. “The next memory I have was in a bathroom, and the bathroom mirror was there and maybe a cabinet was open or something. I was bending forward and he was behind me having sex with me. I was being raped.” – she said.

After that happened two of them stayed in touch through the years, and during the time in the middle of 1980s he assaulted her again. During her nursing school, Cosby helped her along the way by offering to give her $500 for every “A” she has got. He also sent her $5,000 after she was badly injured in a car accident.


In the case which was settled out of court, Serignese included a letter which belonged to Andrea Constand’s lawyer, when she asked her to testify against Bill Cosby. After Constand filled a lawsuit against Cosby for drugging and molesting her, Serignese said that she was one of 12 women who were witnesses in that case.