Serious PDA Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Ends Breakup Rumors

Johnny Depp is in no hurry to get marriedPhoto by rectingo

It’s been rumored recently that the relationship of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who got engaged a year ago, was on the rocks.

“Johnny is crazy in love with Amber, but there is turmoil in the relationship.” – One friend of Depp reportedly told to the media.

Before New Year’s Eve, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard hadn’t been spotted out together since September 2, when 2014 Men of the Year Awards were held. Shortly after they announced their engagement they became quiet about wedding plans.

One source said that the reason for that was Amber’s free spirit. “Amber flirts and has many different kinds of relationships. She is not really ready to settle down.” – The source explained. The Pirate of the Caribbean didn’t hide his admiration for the “Magic Mike XXL” actress, referring to Amber Heard as sweet as can be.

Their relationship may slowed down, but on Saturday, Johnny and Amber arrived arm-in-arm at the Art of Elysium’s Annual Heaven Gala, at a pre-Globes charity event and they quashed all those breakup rumors by sharing a very passionate and public kiss, seeming oblivious to everybody around them.

The 28-year-old starlet, Amber Heard, was honored for her years of volunteering and fundraising efforts for the organization as the 2015 Spirit of Elysium recipient, a non-profit dedicated to assisting and bringing creativity into the lives of people and children in need.

The attractive couple was said to be inseparable as they mingled with other celebrities like Minnie Driver, Tobey Maguire, Joaquin Phoenix and Zack Braff, who are unable to keep their hand off each other. When the couple wasn’t kissing, they had their arms wrapped around each other or were walking hand-in-hand.

With her hair swept back in an elegant updo, Amber wore a silk cream colored Dior dress and she looked stunning. The twice-named Sexiest Man Alive and 51-year-old actor was wearing a white dress shirt under a regal black suit, tinted sunglasses and his typical numerous necklaces and earrings. Amber was smiling all the time, while Depp seemed to be brooding most of the time.