Sean Penn About His Meeting With Drug Lord “El Chapo”

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Last week Sean Penn had a secret meeting with Joaquin Guzman Loera, Drug Lord more famous as El Chapo. El Chapo escaped prison last year and was recaptured shortly after the interview we mentioned.

After the meeting, the interview was published in Rolling Stone, and you can read it on magazine’s website. According to Penn, months of preparation were conducted so two of them could meet in his secret hideout. This Sunday Sean Penn was a guest to Charlie Rose in 60 Minutes where he talked about the meeting and the interview.

Penn stated that he feels that the interview was failure in a way, since the real issue which is War on Drugs somehow was left out. He also said that he thinks that El Chapo was demonized too much by American people. “I think that there’s – to over-demonize any human being is not in our best self interest,” Penn said. “Like it or not, we’re married to ’em. They’re of our time. They’re affecting us. So like a marriage, you know, you might want a divorce. If all we aim to understand is that this is a very bad person, then let’s not understand anything else.”


During the show actor confessed that he is not quite sure why El Chapo agreed to a meeting with him, because according to transcripts the vicious Drug Lord did not even know who Sean Penn was. “I can’t read his mind. I would say that, you know, from the conversation that was had, he, in several ways, wanted to be on the record.” He admitted that even he was surprised that El Chapo took the risk of meeting him in his hideout, especially since the authorities said, later on, that this meeting did, in fact, help them to catch Guzman, but also stated that famous actor did not worked for them.