Russell Brand Protests Against Terrorist Attacks In Paris

Russell BrandPhoto by mikekingphoto

The comic-turned-political-advocate Russell Brand, is known for taking a stand for a worthy cause and calling for revolution.

Recently, he has urged the world to take a stand against terrorism with “compassion and love,” in recent attacks in France.

On Sunday, millions of people gathered around the world in order to march against the terrorist attacks in France were 17 people were killed, including cartoonists and journalists at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the capital of France – Paris.

Reportedly, the magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted for publishing caricature of Muhammed, the Islamic Prophet, and Brand, who went on a holiday in some unknown land. Brand went into the debate over the killings, and has published on his blog an article in which he calls people around the world to reach across the fear and unite in love and tolerate.

“Devastation in the City of Love, the New Year already feels tainted, blood stained in January by murder and sieges and grieving widows… As a believer in God I respect the beliefs of all faiths, as a human being I respect freedom of speech…” – Brand wrote.
“I suppose there will now be calls to curb our freedom.

There will be tension and fear in mixed communities like the one I live in… The awful fact is that violence of this type is almost impossible to stop…The only answer is in the territory of the spirit, in the deep interconnectedness within us all. In the acceptance that all action on this plane is the manifestation of an inner realm and violence of an inner malady.

Our only hope is compassion and love. To marshall vigorously the only terror and violence we can absolutely control; that which is within us individually… I am saying that we must love as passionately as they hate. We must respect as vehemently as they desecrate. It is not easy to be peaceful and loving in the face of dreadful violence but it’s all we have.” – Russell Brand added.