Round, And Beautiful: Stars Who Do Not Want To Lose Weight At Any Cost

5. Lena DunhamPhoto by Los Guiltys de Pinguirina
Victoria’s angel Nina Agdal said in an interview that her confidence fell when they say that she that had to lose weight, although the majority of people would agree with the fact that this model boasts a body without blemish.

Problem of insistence on anorexic thinness in recent years repeatedly took place in public, and as in the media increasingly appear plus size models whose appearance praise naturalness, here are a few famous ladies who are from the beginning of their careers refused to give up of their curves, because they simply love themselves very much just like they are.

1. Lena Dunham

The creator and star HBO series “Girls” Lena Dunham, who is often criticized for her fuller figure, said once that the public “better to gets used to her body.”
– I do not believe that any skinny attracts so much attention when she appears in a short skirt with no panties as I do. Get used to it – I plan to live for 105 years and to show my thighs every day.


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