Robin Williams And Mike Tyson Were Buying The Drugs From The Same Dealer

Photo by Morning Joe show

Mike Tyson (48), famous former boxer, told to the media that he and recently passed away Robin Williams(July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) shared the same drug dealer.

Apparently, the famous actor Robin Williams and Mike Tyson were fighting with depression and addiction.

When they attended the same meeting they crossed their paths. Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson met funnyman Robin Williams, where the two tried to keep their addictions under control.

On Wednesday at Howard Stern’s radio show SiriusXM, Tyson revealed his surprising connection with Robin Williams in an exclusive interview. He said that American actor was struggling with drug abuse as far from as 1980’s.

„People who have this kind of problem and who are in the same situation (addiction), have usually met each other. When we were talking for the first time he told me that he was waiting for me and after that he started to talk about some dealer from whom I was purchasing from.

I asked to myself, how does he know this same drug deal I know, because I knew they don’t live in the same state. When you want to get high you’ll take any necessary action, which means that almost every addict knows almost every drug dealer.“ –Tysonstated.

Early this year, in August, Robin Williams committed suicide. When sports icon found about this tragedy he decided to speak out publicly about depression disease. „If you have this kind of mental illness, you will think about thing like suicide.

People who are sick, like Robin Williams, see suicide as comfort. In my opinion, Robin has unfortunately killed the wrong person. The reason he did that is all about killing the disease which the one possesses, and not about killing yourself.

The best way to understand that is if you think about the disease like a hunger. When you are hungry you will be very famished, and only when you eat some food, when you take heroin or cocaine, you will feel good once again“– Mike Tyson added. „Though I am clean now, even today I’m in constant fight with the addiction.


Every now or then the desire will appear on your doorstep. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white at the end we are all humans and the fact is that it doesn’t care it just wants you to be miserable“ – Tyson made a conclusion.