Rob Kardashian Found His Happiness With Blac Chyna And He Does Not Care How That Affect His Family

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In past week or so, the internet is full of stories about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, their new relationship and reactions of Kardashian/Jenner family about the whole thing.

The source close to People magazine says that in spite of everything he found happiness after few very difficult years and that is all that matters. This is what the source said for the magazine: “Rob seems really happy with Blac Chyna. He’s really not thinking about what his family thinks, or how everyone else feels. He’s had a really hard couple of years and so if she makes him feel good, that’s all that matters right now.”

For those who did not follow their entire history, we will try to explain, in short, the complicated relationship between Blac Chyna and the Kardashian family. Blac Chyna used to be good friend with Kim Kardashian who is Rob’s sister. But they stopped being close after Tyga and Kylie Jenner (who is also Rob’s sister) became couple, because Tyga and Blac Chyna used to be engaged and they have son together. However, Rob decided that those complications will not affect his relationship with his new girlfriend.

Rob was through rough period for the past couple of years. He had depression struggles and he gain a lot of weight that caused diabetes. Trough that period he hold a lot of grudges against his family whose fame “has added to his reclusiveness”. “Rob has been lonely for so long, so of course it’s great for him to spend time with someone other than his sisters. Rob has also found an escape from his family nagging him about his health. He has ignored their attempts to contact him,” said the same source.


Before moving in with Blac Chyna, Rob used to live at his sister Khloe’s house, who throw him out because of his new relationship and apparently he won’t be welcomed back any more. We have some feeling that this family drama will continue in the future.