Rihanna And Soccer Star Karim Benzema – Is It A New Romance?

Rihanna Named Creative Director of PUMAPhoto by immaceleb

Even though Rihanna and Karim partied together at Hooray Henry’s and stayed up late, they tried really hard not to be photographed leaving the club together. But, paparazzi did capture him buying bunch of roses.

Now, why would he do that? Did he manage to get her attention with the oldest trick in the book? Are the rose pedals still the most romantic approach or just really bad cliché? It is going quick for two of them.

They partied together on Monday in Hollywood, and they spend some time on the East Coast, they even went for a late night dinner in New York City last week. And then roses and clubbing last night. The only question is did it worked. Are we seeing the beginning of a new romance? As long as it is not Chris Brown we are O.K. with it. But what happened with Leonardo DiCaprio? As we reported previously they were spending a lot of time together, and it lasted for months.


They even had their birthday party together, and since the incident with Oops! we see them with other people all of the sudden. The incident happened when French tabloid magazine printed cover story about Rihanna being pregnant with Leonardo, and Leonardo in their version of the story didn’t wanted to admit that child is his. Now DiCaprio is suing the magazine, but in the same time he stops to hang out with the singer. Well, we all know how Leonardo always tried to keep his private life away from tabloids and public.