Reportedly, The Hack Of Sony Was An Inside Job

The InterviewPhoto by morrisseysteve

The latest investigation has shown that the Sony hacking scandal might be an inside job after all.

Norse Corp, an independent cyber security company, lunched a study and made a conclusion that “Lena,” who was a former employee at the studio, worked together with five other hackers around the world to steal the sensitive information from the embarrassing hack.

The Sony hacking scandal has been a big source of the news, from celebrity aliases, to embarrassing emails of Sony executives, and more. All in all, it was pretty bad for Sony. The studio didn’t hire Norse Corp to make this study, because, allegedly, they still think North Korea is behind the attack.

This hack has prompted the Sony studio to change the strategy of releasing the controversial comedy movie “The Interview.” Many think that this is just an epic level of PR stunt by Sony as the movie has earned $2.8 million in just a handful of independent theatres at the box office and $15 million in digital box office for downloads and streaming viewing of the movie, which is starring James Franco and Seth Rogan.

Cyber security company Norse Corp is convinced that an ex-employee has orchestrated the attack with hackers from Singapore, Canada and Thailand. According to the company, six individuals were involved in the hacking attack. The former Sony employee, “Lena,” is connected to the hacking group, who called themselves Guardians of Peace.

This collective of hackers has been responsible for the breach in the security system of the film studio. Norse Corp said that “Lena” was laid off in May, after more than a decade of employment. “This woman was in precisely the right position, and had the deep technical background she would need to locate the specific servers that were compromised.”

– Company’s representative has said for CBS News. The FBI took a long look at the IT staff of the studio, as a potential source of the leak, as a part of its own investigation. The bureau thinks that Guardians of Peace had to have assistance from somebody who is familiar with the infrastructure of Sony.

The investigation of Norse Corp has been independent in regard to FBI’s and Sony’s. The company used human resources documents which were released in the leak as the main proof for their investigation. On Monday, Norse stated that it was odd for the FBI to blame North Korea for the attack.

“When the FBI made this announcement, just a few days after the attack was made public, it raised eyebrows in the community because it’s hard to do that kind of an attribution that quickly — it’s almost unheard of. All the leads that we did turn up that had a Korean connection turned out to be dead ends.” – The representative said.