Paul Walker III Opens Up About His Son’s Death

Paul Walker picturePhoto by dilip_bagdi2005

In a fatal car accident in Valencia, California, almost one year ago, when actor Paul Walker was killed, Hollywood and the rest of the world mourned the loss, while the actor’s family even today didn’t fully recover.

Paul Walker III, who was actor’s father, sat down with Nancy O’Dell from ET in memory of his son, to talk about his loss and pay tribute to the actor. “Well, I’m not looking forward to Thanksgiving.

He died two days after that and I guess it’ll probably be that way until I’m with him. It’s a sad time. We’re a very close, loving family and Paul is a piece that’s missing now, that we’re always going to miss.” – a solemn Paul Walker III shared with O’Dell. “We’re very much in shock. I’m missing him more now, the last month. It’s not getting any better for me.” – He added.

One year ago, on November 30, Paul Walker and a pro-am racer and his friend Roger Rodas, left with a car, while Rodas was behind the wheel, a fundraising event for Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide. Soon after that the car crashed into a concrete lamp post, a at the next moment it was burning in fire.

Later it was stated by medical examiners that both of them, Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, died on impact.”I kept getting calls. My brother says, ‘Paul has been killed.’ And I’m thinking somebody’s got it wrong. He says, ‘You need to get over to the house, everybody’s there.’ My feet wouldn’t move.”

– Paul Walker III shared with media his memories and revealed his first reaction when he heard about the accident. Paul Walker’s father also said that he sometimes returns to the scene of the fatal collision and finds a comfort in reading the memorials and notes of love and sympathy from his son’s many fans. “One little girl was there, and she goes, ‘Are you Paul’s dad?’ Can I give you a hug?’“ – Walker shared with O’Dell.


Actor’s father, Paul Walker III, opened up about the wonderful times which he has spent with his son, he also kindly shared a lot of baby photos and home movies of his child, as well as the memory of the last time he saw his son in person before the horrible accident happened. “The last time I saw him, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, I gave him one. I tell him I loved him. It’s a great memory.“ – Emotional Walker said.