Pamela Anderson Is Back, Hotter Than Ever Posing Naked For The Cover

Pamela Anderson auf der Beauty Messe in DüsseldorfPhoto by Fotometz

Pamela was a dream for most of the men in 90’s, running on the beach in her red swimsuit. Now she proves she still got it even though she is 48 years old.

She posed naked for the cover of Flaunt magazine, and she still looks amazing. Even though we are used to watch her get naked it is been a while now.

The photographer is one and only David LaChapelle who is famous for taking photos of everyone including Kardashians and Paris Hilton. On the cover Pamela is wearing only yellow shoes with platforms and a lot of glitter in a provocative pose hiding her breast little bit with her hand. On the other photo she is laying on the sidewalk showing everything.

Inside the issue of the magazine she opens up about her ex Tommy Lee:

“When Tommy and I were together, and I was wearing rubber and he was beating up photographers, and I’m swearing, telling everyone to ‘F off,’ Slowly I became this cartoon image – it became this kind of debaucherous cartoon character, but really the next day I was the woman at the school, getting the kids in the car, and kind of judging other people opening up their car doors to get their kids out – when I’m seeing a peanut butter sandwich on the floor of their car and thinking ‘Oh, this says a lot about that person,’ but then I’d shut the window and see my reflection, with glitter and my eyelashes sideways.”


She see her sons as her saviors because no matter what she’s been doing or where she went she always returned to them: “It probably saved my life because I’ve been in crowds and circles and I’ve gone a little wild, but I always make it home for my kids.”