Oprah Winfrey Spoke About The Biggest Challenges Of Making Selma Movie

Oprah WinfreyPhoto by cvrcak1

At this Oscar season prepare yourself to see more of Oprah Winfrey. „Selma“ movie is a film she has produced and also costarred. This movie is all about Martin Luther King Jr. and his historic march in 1965 for the voting rights.The movie will be out at Christmas Day and after it was screened this week it’s got a big buzz.

„Selma“ is one of the hardest movies to pull off, because for instance it casts Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most important characters in the 20th century.
During a Q&A at AFI Fest in Hollywood after movie’s premiere, Oprah Winfrey told to the audience that star David Oyewelo is the reason she came on board.

“David and I became fast friends when we did The Butler together and he told me that this had been his dream for a very long time.” – Oprah said.
“I was putting my two cents in all the time and then they said ‘Why don’t you just join us as a producer?’ ” she added. Still, it didn’t mean that production will go smooth, even though Winfrey’s powerhouse media was involved in this project.

The film was shot in Atalanta, and the heat over there combined with the period wardrobe was one big challenge.
Wearing a a lot of wool clothes in 100-degree heat and walking across that bridge so many times was really challenging, and even though it was very uncomfortable everyone at the set knew that making that movie had a strong sense of purpose. People who where there first of all felt that they were doing something that was bigger than they, Winfrey added.

Another uncomfortable situation, aside from the heat, was the moment when the film’s crew asked the white extras to shout out the racial slurs at the actors in order to convey the racial tension of that time.


“I remember one woman saying, ‘You really want me to say it out loud? You want me to say that word out loud?’ ” – OprahWinfrey also told to the media.
David Oyewelo gave all the credit to Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt, too, whose company Plan B also produced the film, for turning the movie into a reality.
“This is how you use power that has been afforded you, to get things done that otherwise wouldn’t be.” – David Oyewelo stated.