Nicole Kidman Still Laughs About Her Failed Date With Jimmy Fallon

Nicole Kidman has been indictedPhoto by celepop

Earlier this week on The Tonight Show, the famous actress Nicole Kidman discussed long-ago failed date with Jimmy Fallon and she giggled a lot over how she embarrassed him.

“I can’t believe that it’s two people that so misread the same situation.” – Kidman told Access Hollywood about the day when she went to see Jimmy Fallon and discuss a role in 2005’s Bewitched at his home.

On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon, who is 40-year-old, talked about their awkward meeting, but 47-year-old actress turned the tables on him and explained that she didn’t came to talk about work, as he thought, but rather she has been interested in dating him, because both of them were single at the time.

Fallon was stunned with her romantic revelation.

“His face was hilarious. I was there. I watched him. He didn’t edit anything out.” – Kidman said and giggled of her revelation.
Today, both entertainers are happily married – Jimmy Fallon to Nancy Juvonen and Nicole Kidman to Keith Urban – and both of them have their lives focused on children. On Thursday, while she was promoting “Beverly Hills Hotel” film, Kidman talked about her kids and explained that both of them were horrified at first by the idea of her role as the villain in the movie about the beloved English bear.

“Initially, they were like ‘Oh, no no, please don’t be the one that wants to hurt the bear,’ but now they kind of understand the behind the scenes and, strangely enough, now my 6-year-old really loves the villain character, which kind of worries me.” – NicoleKidman said.
Sunday Rose, her oldest daughter also has one lingering “obsession” from the film – blond bobbed hair of her mother.
“That’s her main obsession. But it was really great because I got to watch the film with my mom, who’s 74, and my 4-year-old and my 6-year-old, and, to see that and all of them laughing at the same things.That’s amazing, you know, so I just love that I’ve made a film that my family can enjoy.” – Kidman added.