Nick Loebs Sues Sofia Vergara To Save Embrions

Yahoo! News/ABC News WHCD pre-partyPhoto by Yahoo! Public Affairs

Sofia Vergara and her former fiancé Nick Loeb are again in the public eye because of lawsuits that Loeb filed against actress, so he can stop her to destroy embryos that are frozen while two of them were still together.

Sofia and Nick split up last year, and some say that one of the reasons for breakup was publicly announced desire to have a child with Sofia. Loeb states that they wanted to conceive a child through a surrogate mother, and that is why there are two frozen embryos.

Now when Sofia has found happiness with new fiancé Joe Manganello, Loeb is doing his best to ensure that frozen embryos will not be destroyed. In the lawsuit he blames his former fiancé that she is not doing what she’s committed and that is to keep the embryos in all circumstances.


Allegedly, when they decided to freeze embryos and sperm, they wrote a clause on what will happen in the event of their death, but did not specify what will happen if they separate. Also Nick claims that he was a victim of mental, verbal and physical abuse while they were in a relationship.