New Sundance Film About Christine Chubbuck – Journalist Who Killed Herself Live On The Show, Will Not Be Welcomed By Her Family

3. Christine ChubbuckPhoto by maxonline82

If you are belonging to a younger population, you probably did not hear about Christine Chubbuck. She was journalist who hosted her own show on Channel 40, and during the show on July 15, 1947 she said:

“In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living color, you are going to see another first, attempted suicide.” After which she pulled the gun under her desk and committed suicide on-air by shooting herself in the head.

She died in the hospital 15 hours later. This was the first on-air suicide in U.S.A. In 1976 am movie was made that was inspired by her story and now the movie about her last days will debut at Sundance Film Festival. However her family is not happy about the movie. Her brother Greg spoke for the People magazine about the whole thing saying:”Nobody wants to know who Christine Chubbuck was. They want to sensationalize what happened at the end of her life. A public suicide is not a source of joy for a family.”

He also shared a story how Christine was very close to her grandparents who watched her every show except the last one: “My grandparents lived across the street from my sister and she was extremely close to both of them. They watched every one of her shows, except my grandfather had an appointment with his doctor and he didn’t feel like driving so my grandmother drove him and they missed the only show they had ever missed my sister on – the show she killed herself. She knew they weren’t going to be watching that show.”


After the suicide her family got the injunction that prevented the tape to be released. Police turned the tape to her mother and since then nobody knows where it is. To read her entire life story you can visit her wiki page.