New Queen Of Instagram Is …

Selena Gomez 180Photo by giri_trisanto

Baby, now we got bad blood …

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are best friends who support each other in every life situation. Or so it was until now… Because Selena “hijacked” the title of Instagram queen overnight, which has so far been reserved for Taylor Swift. However we are pretty sure that two of them will not quarrel over this.

Selena’s profile is currently following 69.5 million users of this social network, while Taylor has to be satisfied with “only” 69.3 million followers. Just to compare, Kim Kardashian has just 63.7 million followers. The secret of Selena’s success is, among other things, the fact that she very often comment on posts from her fans and get into discussions and debates with them, while Taylor has been less active on the social networks in the last months because she is resting after a major world tour, that lasted entire last year .

Selena’s posts are mixture of casual everyday photos and her professional, sensual, sexy images.This change in positions happened on March 14. The third place belongs to selfie queen Kim Kardashian, while fourth one is Beyonce who is been followed by 63.1 million fans. Justin Bieber comes fifth with 61.6 million followers. Taylor still holds some of the records for 2015 like owning five out of them most liked Instagram posts, and some of them include her boyfriend Calvin Harris and her cats, while Selena only has one in this list.


The question now is for how long will she hold the throne? Will Taylor emerge back when she gets active again or is Selena here to stay for a longer time? What do you think?