Naomi Campbell Got Six Months In Jail Sentence For Attacking A Paparazzo In Italy

Naomi CampbellPhoto by makeroadssafe

The court found her guilty for the attack on a paparazzo photographer who was taking pictures of her and her boyfriend at the time Vladimir Doronin. This happened in 2009, when couple was on vacation on the island of Lipar in Sicily.

Naomi hit the photographer Gaetano Di Giovanni with her purse and scratched his eye. After the attack the photographer was hospitalized and sped three days in recovery (What a hit with a handbag).Sicilian court gave her sentence of six months in prison for the assault.

The couple was on a holiday on their yacht in August 2009, when they decided to stop by one of the Sicilian islands to visit the local town. They were walking through narrow streets when 48-years-old model realized that someone was taking pictures of them. She got furious, attacked the photographer hitting him with her handbag hurting his eye. ‘I had just started taking some shots of her and I did not expect such a violent reaction,” paparazzo stated at a court of law.

Even though Naomi made agreement with photographer after what he withdrew all the charges, prosecutor Francesco Massara did not wanted to let her go that easy so he ordered a trial. He thought that it was in the public interest considering the gravity of charges. Naomi’s lawyer gave statement after he heard the verdict: “We are appealing the ruling surrounding the 2009 incident. Due to the ongoing legal process, we cannot discuss the matter further at this time.”


If you are familiar with a life of Naomi, nothing of this comes strange. She had anger issues before, she even had to attend anger-management classes back in 1998 for hitting her assistant with her phone.