Michael Clifford A Guitar Player Set His Hair On Fire During The Performance

Huh? Dat is Iron Maiden toch niet?Photo by 3FM

Weird accidents do happen, and this is one of them. Michael Clifford got injured on Saturday during a concert at a Wembley Arena in a truly unordinary accident. Luckily he is not injured to seriously.

On videos made by audience at the show we can see that he came too close to pyrotechnic and his hair got on fire. It looked really scary. He stopped playing at that point and grabbed a towel which he used to turn of the fire. He went backstage immediately and the show was shortened.

Ashton Irwin spoke to the audience telling them that:” “Michael has hurt himself so we will not be continuing the show right now. He is okay.” His fans wrote numerous messages on his profiles on social media wishing him to get well. News about the accident flooded twitter so Michael posted a selfie to reassure his fans that he is alright, although one side of his face was covered with bandages.

He posted: “What the f***s up. sorry I couldnt finish the encore, but at least I look like two face. thanks for worrying every1 x (sic).” Later he added: “Hello world. im doing ok 🙂 thanks for worrying!” and: “If I obviously don’t want to have my picture taken right now please don’t take my picture 🙂 see everyone tomorrow!!” Fans were truly supporting leaving him inspirational and messages full of love.


One of them wrote: “Michael burned his face and hair because of the fireworks and still he is still smiling, get well soon Clifford! @Michael5SOS Stay strong.” Hopefully everything will work out for him, we also wish him getting better soon.