Mark Salling Arrested For Child Pornography And Some Details About The Case

Mark SallingPhoto by littlespies
The Glee actor was arrested on December 29. He was charged for possession of child pornography. After the arrest police seized his desktop computer, laptop, tablet and cellphone.

LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force was responsible for acquiring search warrant and the arrest itself. This took place at his home in Sunland in California. Crime Watch Daily broke the story about the arrest and they claim that police had to break down Mark’s door to enter the house.

TMZ has found out through their sources from law enforcement, that LAPD already searched his desktop computer and found pictures of underage children in explicit scenes. They say that some of the children are younger 10 years of age. But they suspect this is just the beginning since they did not even start to search his other devices.

“Our sources say some of the images involve girls under 10 engaging in sexual activities.” This was written in TMZ report.

The reason they even investigated him is his ex-girlfriend who told the story to the police. Before they did any move they investigated him for two weeks so they were pretty sure that they will find something at his place.

After the arrest Mark’s family bailed him out, so he was released. He is facing maximum punishment which is 5 years in prison. Law states that if there is more than 600 photos he would be faced with maximum punishment and the TMZ sources are saying that there are.


Mark Salling already had issue with the law and sexual battery. He was sued by one of his ex-girlfriends for having unprotected sex with her even though she requested using the condom. They settled in the end and he paid her $2.7 million.