Love “Triangle” – Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran And Tyson Beckford

Chris Brown Dating Karrueche Tran: 'Loyal' Singer Posts Instagram Tribute To Longtime Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day; Has He Completely Moved On From Rihanna? - on AsianPin.comPhoto by AsianPin.com

We can only imagine look on Chris face when he saw what Tyson posted – a selfie with Karrueche with caption “”Saturday with @Karrueche #Vegas #Palms #Blasian,”.

Everything started on Sunday when Chris Brown, after seeing the picture tweeted threat to model telling him “U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bulls***.”

He deleted post when he realized possible consequences but Tyson didn’t sat on his hands, he fired back “It’s all about fun in Vegas, come thru papa.”Then it got really serious. Beckford posted a video of him shooting in targets with comment: “Just in case you forgot!”Later that night Chris replied with a picture of Las Vegas cops “This n**** Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here. Suckah! This fruitz!” he replied on Tyson provocation.

Even friend of Chris Brown manage to get involved posting : “MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the ni***s will be out. .. We just came to party tho , unless a ni***a wanna try us … And that includes u model ni***s “Cough Cough #TysonBeckFord, we see everything LiL n***a” #DontPlayYaSelf. #CedarBlocka#FruitTownPiru #OHB #FillmoeNi***sDoItAll@tysoncbeckford.”


But it seems that Chris is jealous for no reason. Another source say Karrueche and Tyson are not in a relationship, but just good friends. All the tweets are deleted, but fans and reporters were faster, so you can see print screen of complete set of threats. Chris and Karrueche are on and off for past few months, and now two men are fighting over her, but the interesting part is that there is none of her tweets about matter. We will see will this stay only on keyboard intimidation or it could escalate into something more dangerous.