Lindsay Lohan Is Not On Probation Anymore

Beautiful Lindsay LohanPhoto by satyan3

I guess we won’t see her in orange after all. She is done with community service hours, and free off probation after more than seven years.Her lawyer Shawn Holley went to court on Thursday and got the final word out of Judge Stephanie Sautner that she is in the clear.

She completed 125 hours (which everybody thought to be impossible) in more than 2 weeks for 8 hours every day. And if she didn’t do as a judge said, this time she would ended up in jail. Everything started in 2007 when she was busted for drug possession and she has been on probation ever since. Than 2012 reckless driving got her on another probation which lasted until now.

She is now officially on informal probation for the next 26 months and if she manages to stay out of trouble she could continue her life without her past jumping her on every corner. The judge had only one advice: “Stop nightclubbing and focus on your work.” And indeed she has a new project, playing Elizabeth Taylor and a few others that are still just a rumor. She really has a lot things to focus on and hopefully that will keep her busy and away from problems and future probations.


So after almost 8 years, she can say that she is a free woman. The question is how long will it last? Is she matured enough to continue straight? And could we all read about her in news related to her acting career for a change. What do you think?