Let Kanye Wait: Finally Together After A Month, And She Could Not Resist To Make A Selfie

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestPhoto by Ask A Ticket

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were finally spending evening together. On Sunday they were at dinner, after three weeks of separation. But Kim could not resist the mirror in the bathroom and made a selfie.

On the photo Kim wears a beige dress that follows the body line emphasizing the curves, which Kim is so proud about.

However, she did not take only one photo, but made another selfie where she poses holding her earring.
Kim and Kanye, together with North, arrived by private plane in Los Angeles.
Kim has for some time been busy traveling for various promotions, and Kanye had performances, including a concert on the occasion of World AIDS Day. Now they finally managed to find some time for each other and enjoyed the evening.


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However, Kim did not resist her obsession and made a selfie in the toilet, she didn’t care if Kanye waits.
Although there were rumors that the two were at odds and one step from divorce, reliable sources say they plan another child.


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