Last Week in Showbiz 51 / 14

Jennifer Lopez at People Magazine Awards 2014Jennifer Lopez at People Magazine Awards 2014, photo by Flickr

As you could notice so far, our week in reviews are strictly personal – we like to end the current weeks with few of our favorite hot babes today. So let’s do the same this time, starting with Jennifer Lopez.

The 45 years old Jenny From The Block looked astonishing on the red carpet at the People Magazine Awards, and when we say Jenny looked astonishing, we don’t have in mind just her main attribute, which she is so proud of – big butt, but everything ( including décolletage which was just…. woowww!)!

This woman really defies the age – her body is in the perfect shape, and she also showed us that Jennifer Lopez is, in fact, one of the rare celebrities who stands with both legs on the ground, and one complete person, intelligent and emotional. “I am so grateful for my career and my life. I feel like it’s always just the beginning, and it is. Lots more to go.”, said Jennifer, and we have nothing to add.

On the same event, another one from our favorites is named sexiest woman alive – Kate Upton. If you still don’t know who is Kate Upton, google it, and look just for images. Although a lot of public puts her in with plus sized models, we wouldn’t agree – Kate Upton is every man’s dream, and the award she got is the serious sign that era of skinny, slimy, anorexic models is behind us ( let’s hope for good ), and that curvy girls rock again.

For the end, let’s go back to beginning of the week.

The new issue of the magazine “Allure” brings Jennifer Aniston in topples hugging her best friend and hairstylist Chris McMillan. When you look away from the naked Hollywood star, you will be able to read that an actress is thinking about motherhood, that’s probably brought by her relationship with Justin Theroux and new movie “Cake”.

In the “Cake” movie Jennifer Aniston plays a woman, without makeup and with scars. She received a Golden Globe nomination for the role and, as she said, bringing the look to the back, led to the fact that she is all finally seen as an actress.