Lamar Odom Breathing On His Own

Lamar OdomPhoto by Adam Metcalf [Transcendent Productions]

It looks like Odom will make it through. Few days after hospitalization he is breathing without the help of the machines. TMZ is reporting that he is taken off from the ventilator but that he still wears oxygen mask so he would get increased amounts of oxygen.

He is not recovered but he is improving every hour. His hart is doing well but there are still some organs that don’t respond that well. His recovery was described to be “miraculous” although everything is far from good still. Khloé Kardashian did not leave his room since he was hospitalized, she even sleeps there, not leaving him for a moment.

She is the one that makes all decisions since she is still legally his wife. But with everything she showed, everybody can be sure that she still loves him a lot and that she is doing all that is in her power to get him best care possible. Khloe’s sisters Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kyle Jenner were with her giving her their support. They even gave statement that nobody will post anything on social media until Odom gets better.


Kylie broke that promise on Saturday posting on Twitter that she is continuing to run her app on Monday which in indirect way was the same as saying that he is doing better. Lamar Odom ended up in hospital last Tuesday after he was found unconscious in his room in a brothel. He had several strokes and doctors were fighting for his life but it looks like that everything will be good at the end. We wish Odom very fast recovery and that he rethink his priorities after this incident. Who knows maybe this tragedy saves their marriage after all.