Kylie Jenner Has The Most Popular App

Kylie Jenner: Celebrates Luxury Birthday with Ferrari and Private GetPhoto by alishafox12889

We wrote about Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their new apps. First impressions weren’t so great but their popularity won. In just a few days sisters have almost a million subscribers, but Kylie is winning a big time.

She has around 70 % of that number, followed by Khloe and Kim who is second most followed person on Instagram. The numbers are 74 % for Kylie, followed by Khloe with 11%. After Khloe Kim is the next one with 9% of total number of subscriptions.

Kendall is last with only 6%. Kourtney is not on the list because her application is not ready yet. Kylie is leading despite the fact that she is the youngest of them all, and it looks like that in the future she could take the popularity throne from her sister Kim Kardashian. Her app got so many users in a short period of time that it even freezes time to time. Kylie addressed her fans on twitter to be patient: “Ok update: there’s a lot of people on the app so I’m sorry if it’s freezing for some of u guys! It’s being fixed and it will only get better.”


Every sister choose her main talent to present on app. Kylie spends most time writing about make-up, her new house and new pet – dog Norman. Kim is all about fashion and posting selfies, but she also includes make-up. Kourtney, as a mother speaks about that the most, while Khloe is fitness girl. Kendall’s topic is modeling and even though her app is the least popular it is been expected that she will get more followers in a short while. What users were most surprised about is that their apps cost $2.99 a month, which is not a small prescription.