Kylie Jenner Disappointed Her Fans With Her Lip Kit

140095 0384Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

First thing that got her fans mad is the fact that her lip kits were sold out in couple of seconds this Monday (December 14), so many could not get it at all. The other thing is that some fans are accusing company that is in charge of distribution of scamming people who bought it.

There are many complains from those who were fast enough to buy kit that they did not receive their packages even though they paid for them couple weeks ago when the product was launched. “It’s been two weeks since i ordered my lipkits. I got the tracking number, but it’s been two weeks that my lipkits are just chilling in LA. No news from them. I’m pissed. Your website = real bullshit.”

This is the message written by one of the customers. So those who bought it allegedly are reporting Kylie to Better Business Bureau, while others are furious that they did not even got a chance to buy it in the first place. The kit was available for $29 a package and you could choose from three colors: Candy K, Dolce K or True Brown K. There are some people who claims that her liquid lipsticks are same as ColourPop’s Ultra Matte stains.


One of them is Nikkie who is a beauty blogger on her site NikkieTutorials. Kylie addressed only those who accused her of copying ColorPop’s formula saying “Hanging out with the owners at ColourPop… we don’t have the same formula or exact colors but they are my friends and they do have some bomb ass products that I love.” She wrote this as a caption for a photo of her in ColourPop brand factory. She did not commented others accusations regarding her lip kit.