Kourtney Kardashian Is Finished With Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Sleeping In Separate BedsPhoto by CAT S’

It seems like they came to breaking point, and Kourtney finished it once for all. She is the one who left him after nine years of relationship and three children together.

Even though they had a lot of problems, pictures of him and Chloe Bartoli getting really confortable in Monte Carlo was that last thing Kourtney could not forgive him.

But, it was not a happy and fulfilling relationship for a while, and he was getting her support for much longer than he deserved. She was there for him when he was fighting his substance abuse, she was there when he was partying out of control, and she had to protect their children when he came home drunk. A lot of these moments you could see if you are fan of Keep up With a Kardashians.

There were many conversations about their future on-camera, and where their relationship is going. Last time he agreed to go to rehab was earlier this year. He lasted for a week and continued the same way when he got out. Lately he was constantly absent from family hanging outs. They went to Disneyland for Kim and Kanye’s daughter birthday, and he was not there, nor did he come to Easter Sunday services. All of this indicates that problems are lasting for a while now.


There are even some stories that they broke up even earlier but did not want to go public. He never had a job so his only income came from fame in the show, and two of them never got married, which means that dividing their property should be fairly interesting. Also the custody over their three children is in question. There are still no official comments from their reps.