Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber Went Out Together For A Dinner And A Party – Could We Call That A Date?

Kourtney KardashianPhoto by The Agency PR

For the last couple of months we read all the time about Scot Disick parting all day and all night while Kourthey was staying home being a good mom to her children. Now finally we have some news about Kourthey being the one that parties.

This Friday night Kourtney went out with Justin Bieber. They went to see a movie to Universal Studios where “Halloween Horror Nights” were on. They watched a 3D movie and shared a photo of two of them with 3D glasses and serious faces. Bieber shared this photo on his Instagram account.

After that they continued to restaurant The Nice Guy that is situated in West Hollywood, where they had dinner and stayed to party. Apparently famous singer and Keeping Up With Kardashians star even went home (or somewhere else) in the same car. We can just wonder did she invite him for a cup of coffee. So was this a date or just two friends going out having fun. Justin is a friend of the Kardashian family, so this can be interpreted in various ways.


Last time Bieber hang out with them was in May this year, taking photos with Mason (Kourtney and Scott oldest son), but the whole family was there, including Scott. Some evil people are even insinuating that Kourtney went out with Justin after his nude pictures leaked, because she liked what she saw. We don’t want to be so evil, maybe Justin was just being good friend who took her out to relax a bit and have fun, after hard break with her ex. Anyway, since both of them are very famous, we will know very soon.