Kim Kardashian’s Top 10 Tips For Getting An Attention

The world is crude. That’s how it spells success and respect. Can you really blame Kim Kardashian for being a multi-millionaire? Okay, it is natural to think that she is just an impulsive brunette making her way up in slippery slides, but is that the reality? She is she because no one else is like her! She is the mistress of uncensored communiqué, something that always strikes a chord when you hear. Love her or hate her, do check out the top 10 tips Kim has been kind of expressing most brazenly.

Kim Kardashian refused to sit at the VMA's alongside Rita OraPhoto by newstrics

1. You have to pretend

Yes, Kim is pretentious. Well, there is also news for you. Everyone is! Who does not pretend on when it comes to some things.

People hide their actual self everyday! Kim has just taken it to the heights of being (maybe) who she is totally not in real life!

Kim is just a glistening (!) example that these days you need to pretend high and show that you are kind of outspoken and dumb just to be immensely successful. Who cares what people think? You have the moolah at the end of the day. Is it not the only thing that counts? Quite literally if you think that you count money all the time!


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